What is Blue Orbit Animation ?


Blue Orbit Animation Institute is an educational institute that focuses on training students in the animation & VFX, Web design & development, digital marketing and many more . The institute is dedicated to providing high-quality education and resources to students who are passionate about pursuing careers in the animation industry. With experienced faculty, modern facilities and technology, and a comprehensive curriculum, Blue Orbit Animation Institute offers a well-rounded education in all aspects of animation, including 2D and 3D animation, character design, visual effects, and more. The institute aims to equip its students with the technical and creative skills needed to succeed in the dynamic and constantly evolving animation industry. Whether students are just starting out in their careers or looking to expand their skills, Blue Orbit Animation Institute is a great place to learn, grow, and succeed in the world of animation.


How is Blue Orbit Animation Institute different from other Institutes?


Holistic Development: Blue Orbit Animation Institute emphasizes the holistic development of its students by providing training on software skills, Which they needs.


Real-life Projects: The institute provides students with the opportunity to work on real-life projects during their internship at the institute's own pre production and post production studio.

Job Placement Support: Blue Orbit Animation Institute being in the industry facilitates campus interviews for its students and provides multiple opportunities for students to attend interviews and secure a job of their choice.

These additional resources and opportunities for students can set Blue Orbit Animation Institute apart from other institutes and provide its students with a well-rounded education and better preparation for a career in the animation industry.


What is the Placement Assistance status/or what are the career opportunities I get from this institute?


The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive development to each student by training them in software skills. Students will gain real-world experience through an internship at the Blue Orbit Animation Institute's & RZ Taem production. After course completion, students will be prepared for job interviews and will have the opportunity to attend multiple interviews and secure a job of their choice with the support of campus placement.


What is the quality of the faculty?


The faculty at Blue Orbit Animation Institute are industry professionals with years of production experience, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. The institute has a focus on preparing students for the real-world demands of the industry.

Coordinator for admissions and queries?


Our counsellors can be reached at: +91-95 999 70508

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